Off-Road Recovery Services

4x4 Off-Road Recovery & Beach Towing Service

Off-road recovery company, J & T CROVA TOWING and our sister company, NATIONWIDE RECOVERY are your source for, 4×4 off-road recovery, vehicle uprighting, and winching. We routinely provide ATV recovery, truck recovery, SUV recovery, and more throughout the Metro Detroit area. Our Off-Road Recovery Team is Wreckmaster Certified and is experienced in damage-free auto recovery. We use the latest winching and extraction techniques to minimize any further damage to your off-road vehicle. If you find yourself in need of off-road recovery and beach towing services, do not hesitate to contact us at (734) 699 – 5300 or (313) 822 – 2220. We have dedicated Off-Road Recovery vehicles that are built to get the job done right – no matter where you find yourself.

Off-Road Recovery Services

Our 24 Hour Off-Road Recovery Services include, but are not limited to:

Let Us Get You Unstuck.

Our service area contains dozens of fields, wooded areas, and open off-road areas ready for exploration, but getting stuck in the sand, mud or water can be extremely frustrating – especially when visiting the area and you don’t know who to call. Leave it to the professionals at J & T CROVA TOWING or our sister company, NATIONWIDE RECOVERY, to get you un-stuck and back on your expedition. We will be available at your hour of need whenever you find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere. Call (734) 699 – 5300 or (313) 822 – 2220 to speak to our Off-Road Recovery Team.

Your Safety is Our Priority.

○ At J & T CROVA and our sister company, NATIONWIDE RECOVERY, we know the importance of being a trusted and professional local towing company. Our entire staff has received certified training through the Tow Operators Association, including intensive Incident Management Training. Our owner is WreckMaster Certified and our tow truck operators have over 30 years of combined towing and recovery experience.

For immediate service, please call our dispatch center at (313) 822-2220

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